Problems with Re-touch function

I have found problems with using Re-touch function to release stains of dust from the pictures (RAW files). I see that, when I mark the place of a dust stain, the PL copy it from other place in the background and glue it into my initial place. However, it makes me a problem, in case that background is much darker than place that is initially marked. Finally, after use that Re-touch function, the stain is more visible darker and bigger. In the earlier version of PL, like PL 4 that function worked better, where no additional stains created and dust stains were removed. Can you advice what to do to avoid these newly created stains on the picture. Thank you.

You can always move the source to somewhere that matches better

Hi Andi and welcome,

In addition to what Joanna wrote, are you using Clone or Repair? Repair will blend better than Clone.


Of course sometimes Repair causes smudges. It often comes down to a matter of experience to determine whether to use Repair or Clone and how much feathering to apply.



I have experienced that too, and especially in “skies” and sometimes there seems not to be any better place to copy data from really

Generelly the best thing to do then is to drastically reduce Microcontrast, it is often very powerful to reduce general litter in the “skies”. Also be careful using other tools like dehaze tools like Clear View Plus because they often rely on Microcontrast too. Generally speaking it’s often far better to use Fine Contrast instead.

Which I agree is great, though only comes with the FP licence so be aware there is an extra cost involved if you don’t have it

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Yes but FP normally doesn’t get upgraded every year.

Personally, I couldn’t work without it, especially for revealing shadow detail without affecting overall contrast.

For B&W work, the film emulations are great but it is the additional editing tools, that are integrated into PL that make the difference.

Download the free trial if you’re not convinced.