Problems with photolab after updates of windows 10 & windows11

Hello, after about a month in which I didn’t use the computer, on my return I updated both my PC (Windows 11 version 22H2) and my NOTEBOOK (Windows 10 version 22H2) with the new Windows updates.
When I later tried to open the long-installed PHOTOLAB 6 ELITE, it did not open at all. This also happened with PHOTOLAB 5 ELITE which has also been installed for some time.

To confirm I totally uninstalled Photolab 6 from my pc and then I installed it again. The program did NOT open at all as before.

This happened exactly the same way on my NOTEBOOK (Windows 10 version 22H2).

Windows 11 updates are:

.NET FRAMEWORK 3.5, 4.8.1 Cumulative Update (KB5022404)
Cumulative Update (KB50223360)
Cumulative Update (KB4023057)

Windows 10 updates are:

.NET FRAMEWORK Cumulative Update 3.5, 4.8, 4.8.1 (KB 5022478)
Cumulative Update (KB5019275
Cumulative Update (KB4023057)

I believe that the fact that I can’t open the Photolabs on both computers is due to theese updates and frankly I really don’t know what to do.

Are you running antivirus/security software? Try disabling it before you start PhotoLab. (Others have reported this problem with Avast recently.)

Yes, I have Avast. I disabled the antivirus and tried to open Photolab but it doesn’t open. so i uninstalled Photolab and reinstalled it but it still doesn’t open. I’m quite desperate.
Thank you

As a couple of people have indicated you may have to temporarily uninstall Avast.


OK ! OK! OK! . Now it’s ok. I uninstalled Avast and now everything works fine.
Thank you.

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I am glad you were able to resolve this.


See here for a little bit more on this problem:

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