Problems with Color Efex Pro 5 and Lightroom CC on MacBook Air M1

I recently switched from my Intel Desktop machine to a MacBook Air M1 with 8GB Ram and 512GB SSD.
My post processing workflow mostly includes Color Efex with Lightroom CC. Pictures are RAW and 42MP in size.

So far there’s two things that annoy me.

  1. When using multiple filters with several control points each, the processing/saving of one single picture takes up to a minute or longer. Maybe this is related to the 8GB, not sure though as I thought the M1 processes RAM load in a smarter way.
    Does anybody have a hint if I should switch to a 16GB version or is this a M1 problem in general?

  2. After the processed image returns from DXO to Lightroom CC, the new file does not show the actual changes in the main image in Lightroom. When hovering over it sometimes the changes flicker in but it mostly takes a restart for the file to be visually updated. How can this be resolved?

Welcome to the forum, @Parki

Please post one of your images and the changes you made (save the lot as new preset) so that we can check processing time on other hardware. A minute looks long to me, and I could test on a M1 MBA with 16 GB RAM. On my Intel iMac 2019, processing is very quick (1-2 seconds), but then again, your processing in NIK is probably way more complicated than what I did while testing.
Use a sharing service like dropbox, google etc. or something like this.

Lightroom shows previews per default, you can make it render the image, e.g. by clicking on the badge that can be shown un the upper lh corner of the thumbnail or through the (context) menu. Nik apps also export multipage tiff files and all that does not matter in this case: I’ve seen that Lightroom Classic reads the modified image indeed.