Problems using Silver Efex Pro3 and Viveza with Lightroom

I am using the ‘edit in’ function and am opening a Fujifilm raw file (various camera’s GFX50R & X100V) from within Lightroom into Silver Efex Pro3. I choose a TIFF file format (see attached screen grab). The opening process is OK, I edit the file in Silver Efex Pro3 and then click Apply. Silver Efex Pro3 then completes the process and closes leaving me back in Lightroom as expected (i dont choose the non-destructive edit option). Lightroom then takes a long time to render the b&w converted image. When in the develop module of lightroom both the preview of the converted image in the top left hand corner and the main image go blank for several seconds. The preview then flashes up for the screen to go blank again. It’s sometimes 20 secs or so before the preview is stable and can be used. Its only TIFF files created from Silver Efex Pro 3 or Viveza in this way which have this problem. In summary Lightroom doesnt see to like the TIFF files Silver Efex Pro3 creates and takes a long time to render and create a preview. Incidentally this didn’t appear to happen with previous versions of Silver Efex Pro; i.e version 2. Lightroom and Silver Efex Pro3 are the latest and upto date. Has the TIFF file format Silver Efex Pro3 creates compared to Silver Efex Pro2 ? As a reference check I used the same process to edit a file in Color Efex Pro 4 (which hasnt bee updated) and the problem is not there; it creates a preview quickly and effectively.

Am using a iMac 2013 with 32 GB and otherwise performing fine. Have raised a support request with no suggested fixes in over 6 weeks.

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I’m having the same problem. Just updated LR today and same issue continues.

Running Mac mini with Apple silicon. Silver Efex is basically useless at the moment.

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Me, too.
The past version improved it, but the latest version causes the same problems - several minutes, once back in LR, to allow the image to appear in Develop mode.

This problem still isn’t fixed. I started another thread about this issue not realizing this one existed. I have also tried multiple times to work with customer service, but the responses haven’t been useful. This is the other thread about this topic. Clearly it’s a major issue that isn’t getting attention. Lightroom plugin problem - #4 by Mayta

They really don’t care at all. They quickly add some marginal features to justify another $$$'s and stop updating the bug ridden previous version. The only workaround is to run the plugin from PS, having exported rather than natively in LR. That round trip adds 20 secs or so, better than waiting for LR to digest whatever the plugin spat out !

Good news everyone. I’ve been working with DXO support (Seth specifically) on this bug where Lightroom Classic has problems with TIFF files generated by Silver Efex (and other Nik apps). They fixed it and I was able to test out a development build to confirm the fix. They also fixed another bug I reported with the grain setting causing crashes with certain files. They really are trying to solve all the bugs with Nik so definitely report them and follow their support instructions (send a diagnostics file, screen recording, etc). I’m excited to be able to use Silver Efex again like the good old days!

SOunds like you have needed outstanding patience and persistence :slight_smile: I really hope they do fix it and make that fix available to Nik Collection 4 / Silver Efex 3 purchasers, rather than only to Nik Collection 5 customers. Lets see.

The latest Nik that was just released (5.2.1) fixes the Lightroom problem. I tested with the new Lightroom v12 that was just released. Thank you DXO team for fixing this!

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What about customers of previous versions that had to stop using the app for this reason. Of course they didn’t upgrade to 5, it didn’t work ! Are they expected to pay more money