Problems after updating to Photolab Elite 5.3

Been running PL Elite since version 4 on an HP laptop running an AMD Mobile Ryzen 7 3700 processor with Vega 10 graphics and 16 GB ram. I just updated to v5.3.0.4738 and am having problems when attempting to edit images (.orf files).

I haven’t knowingly changed any PL5 preferences other than turning off the display of “NIK collection” (I don’t have NIK). Under Display, “Always prefer high quality previews” is not checked. Under Performance, “DeepPrime acceleration” is set to auto selection, “Cache” is set to 5000 Mb, “Enable OpenCl” is unchecked, and "Number of simultaneously processed images: is set to 2.

So far problems have shown up both when trying to invoke Prime or Deep Prime, and when trying to do local adjustments or repair an image.

There are 2 issues with Prime/Deep Prime. First, clicking on the target icon and repositioning the view box does not change the portion of the image that is displayed. Second, changing the level of Prime processing often just results in the processing symbol (circular arrows) rotating forever (until either I deselect “Customize” or shut down the app).

The issue with Local Adjustments and Repair is that selecting either the Local Adjustments or Repair tools results in box saying “Full preview in progress…” in the lower left of the image. Where in the past that message had disappeared after a few seconds, with v5.3 it just stays there. And clicking or right clicking on the image does not begin the Local Adjustment process (there is not response to the clicks). And the blue circles that typically show up during the repair process don’t appear.

Right now it isn’t usable. I do have backup sets with the install file for the prior version of PL5 so I could reinstall that if it would correct the issue temporarily. There is nothing in v5.3 that I need right now. But I’d prefer to get it 5.3 to work as it should. Thoughts?

My immediate thought is to restore the most recent previous version to insure you can get PhotoLab running again. I would then reboot your computer and try to reinstall 5.3 again. There may have been a corruption during the previous 5.3 installation.


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Good morning!

  • I agree with it 100%. Could you, please, try to uninstall the current PL5.3, reboot your PC and download and install PL5.3 once again?

Svetlana G.

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Some additional diagnostic information from over the weekend. The only files that produced this behavior were 5 from the same photo shoot/SD card. An unusual thing about them was that I had viewed them first with OM (formerly Olympus) Workspace prior to opening them in PL5.3 and using PL5.3 to delete all the .jpg files (I shoot in Raw + JPG). I haven’t done that in months (back when I first purchased v4), but there was never a problem when I had.

The odd behavior did not happen with several old raw files that I tested from my archives on a hard drive. Nor did it happen with a test file that I shot after reformatting that SD card.

Oddly, when I couldn’t edit with PL5.3, I went back to Workspace and edited the files and exported 2 to .jpgs. When I went back to test them further with PL5.3, all 5 files worked normally???

That is until later than evening while I was working on one in PL5.3 and the behavior popped up again. I simply exported that file to a .jpg, and then I could resume editing the raw file???

I will uninstall 5.3, reinstall the prior version, and then reinstall 5.3. One question about that process. Should I redownload a new v5.3 installer, or can I use the one that I have saved?

Hi Barry. It would be best to get a fresh download. Sometimes something happens to cause corruption.

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Mark is correct. Getting a new download of the 5.3 install file would be prudent. I should have suggested that to you earlier. In fact, I would probably also reboot my computer before running the uninstall of the current version of 5.3 to eliminate the possibility of a memory corruption.


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Did the uninstall, install v5.2.1, update to v5.3 w a new download. Rebooted prior to each step. Since the prior installation was working after I had exported a JPEG from the misbehaving raw file, I don’t have anything on which to test the effect of the change. So I will just resume using PL5.3 as I had been and see what happens.

Thanks for the suggestions, and I’ll let you know if the problem reappears.