Problems after installation of Nik "upgrade"

After purchasing and installing the Nik “upgrade”, Color FX and Silver FX get stuck when i invoke them from within Photoshop CC 2019. I briefly get to see the “There is an upgrade to Nik” window (why) and then I get an empty Nik window (without the image I was processing at that point).

No matter what I do, I cannot get out of Nik, I cannot get back to Photooshop and basically I am stuck. Only way out is to force terminate Photoshop (losing work in the process).

This Nik “upgrade” mess with the forced window has gone on long enough. Please tell me how I can get things working again and fix this.

Try downloading again from your DxO account, it would be with latest update. Maybe something went wrong in the installation. No problem here with Nik.

Had a similar issue. It went away when I launched all apps directly and closed them again.