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I am trying the Photolab 3 now, I edited my first image with PL yesterday. I liked the result that I am getting from that edit.
Today when I tried to edit another image, after I opened the image, I might accidently press a key from keyboard. Then every image I select to be edit looks wash out. like It lost 70% of its saturation.

Is there someone know what did I do wrong?


Hi @sevenchang, welcome to the forum.

What colours do you get if you apply a different preset, say the DxO Standard, to one of your washed-out images? How do they look with the “No Correction” preset?

You can also create a preset from the image you edited and like and apply this new preset to one of the other images. Does that change colours towards your expectations?

Note: When you open images in DxO PhotoLab (DPL) for the first time, the preview shows the out-of-camera jpeg for a while and then recalculates the image according to the default preset as set in DPL’s settings. This can change the looks of an image quite a lot.

And since you are recording both RAW and jpeg, you will see a marked difference between the two side by side, as the jpeg is already processed by the camera but the RAW is not and could appear quite flat in comparison.

Why are you recording both file types? This fills up your memory card quicker and is only really of benefit if you want files that don’t need any editing for purposes like sending via email straight from the camera.

Every RAW file actually contains a copy of the preview image that you see on the back of the camera, adjusted according to the settings in the menus. But, normally, if you are planning on editing your RAW images, there is no need at all for the jpeg as well.

The idea behind DxO is that you can export an adjusted jpeg, do what you want with it, then delete it. If you want another copy, all you have to do is re-export it.

Hello sevenchang and welcome to the forum.
While I agree with platypus and Joanna that the disparity between the view of the RAW ORF file and the view of the JPEG version of the same file is due to the fact that the JPEG has been processed by the camera and the ORF is unprocessed and waiting for YOU to process it as you want it. Having said that, it appears to me(on my calibrated monitor) that in your screenshot the ORF seems to me to be slightly more saturated and contrasty than the JPEG version. I’m not seeing the 70% loss of saturation of which you speak. Can you post a better and larger example which better illustrates the problem? Also please check in preferences which preset DXOPL is applying to RAW files as well as the preset being applied to RGB files. This will help us to better understand your problem.

Hello Chih Hao Chang!

Are you using a wide color gamut monitor?

In addition to what others said (I also suspect that the preview image for the ORF file is the JPEG embedded in the RAW file), I guess that this embedded file may not be associated with a defined color space (or that the software is ignoring it.).
In such case, on a wide color gamut it would be displayed with much mroe vivid color than it should.

by the way, I didn’t apply any preset or do anything to the image. It just showed desaturated image preview. only thing I did, I browsed to this folder, and It was like the image I posted. I haven’t do anything yet.

I worked other folders, they all worked fine, and I love the result.

that’s why it puzzled me. I check all the setting 3 times. I cannot understand what happened.

example after I done with the export.
left was the image from that specific folder, right was what I edited with other folder.

Thanks everyone for the responds.

This is the second time I used PL. I opened the program and browsed to the folder I wanna open. after the software done with rendering, preview part of image showed color wash out. I thought I accidently press some keys to cause this. When I exported the images (even with no edit at all), all the images were like desaturated. But then I opened another folder, It worked just fine. For some reason, only that specific folder has this problem.

any though?

Hello @sevenchang,

Could you, please, provide us with any of RAW images + sidecar (.dop file in the same folder) from that folder? And we can investigate if it’s a matter of corrections or something else. You can attach it here or upload to with your name (instead of support ticket number) and let us know when ready.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

When PL loads the image, it at first shows the jpg, which is embedded into the raw file.
Then PL applies the default preset (you can select the preset you want to have applied btw in the programm settings) and that’s the moment where the image changes.
I do prefer the preset “neutral colours, realistic tonality” (or similarly, I use the german interface) and go from there.

Edit: Which colour profile do you use for the preview and for the rendering? Are the camera settings of the “problem folder images” the same as in the other folders?

I uploaded a screen recording, showing when browsing jpg files without problem then to raw files, then a different folder.

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just sent to


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Hello @sevenchang,

Thank you for the files. No correction image looks much better:

We’ll do the investigation. Thank you!

Svetlana G.

Hello @sevenchang,

thanks for the RAW file, we are investigating that issue.
We don’t reproduce that on our images of Olympus E-5 at ISO 100 but when we did its support we had frimware 1.101 and you have firmware 1.300. Do you have images with firmware 1.1 for test ? We are trying what change caused that.


Now you mentioned, all the imges that I had with firmware 1.3 had this same problem. Firmware 1.1 works just fine. I will upload 1.1 version to

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thanks for new image.
we will now look how to correct that behavior. I’ll keep you updated.


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