Problem with Nik Collection-HDR Efex Pro 2

Good afternoon, I need help!

I use the Nik collection plugin for Photoshop CC.
In the HDR Efex Pro 2 add-on.
Select Tone Map (single image).
In the settings library, I select any setting and save it without modifying the preset values.

Well, the problem is that when viewing in viewer I find the lateral junctions of the equirectangular very marked. I would like to explain how to solve it.

Comment that the photograph360 is taken with a Ricoh Theta V in the HDR option

Sample files:

1 Original file

2- Edition HDR Efex Pro 2

3- Error Detail

Thanks in advance!

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Thank you for the report. The issue will be investigated.

Svetlana G.

Good afternoon Svetlana! ok, I hope you can fix it
You would know how to get the effect as close as possible to the following:
Nik collection for Photoshop CC / HDR Add-in Efex Pro 2 / Toned map (single image) / Architecture / 24 external 2

Thanks in advance!

Photomatix has a 360 degree option which merges across the seams and doesn’t visible lines like this
HDR Efex is useless to me unless it does this.

Otherwise, it works as the Google version on Windows 10 and Photoshop CC 2018
It can open a .HDR file merged by Photoshop or HDR Efex will do the merging for you.

I shoot in RAW so we need this integrated into PhotoLab and with the 360 degree image option

This is where you have a 360 degree x 180 degree equirectangular image.
There’s loads of 360 degree camera now and it would great if DxO could support them n a meaningful manner

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Hi everyone,

Thanks @Josep and @terrycym for your feedbacks.

Sorry, but I confirm there’s no option in current version of HDR Efex Pro 2 (or PhotoLab) to properly address tone mapping in case of equirectangular pictures. We miss an option that enforces continuity of luminosity between borders of the picture.

This feature request is well noted!

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Thank you very much!!!

And now we are 2020…Any news?

Good morning,

It’s a question to @DxOStaffPO.

Svetlana G.

December 2020, black friday sale ends in 8 hours.

Has this been added? The software is unusable for me unless I can use it with 360s.

Hoping I can get a fast reply here…