Problem with graphic tablet

Dear all,

I have bought a cheap graphic tablet (Huion H950P) which works just fine with DxO Photo Lab (iMac). I can use the menus, set different values and drag the sliders easily.

However, strange enough, I cannot drag the image around with the hand tool when the picture size is set to 100% or so. The hand icon “closes” upon pressing the pen on the tablet surface, but when I then start to move the cursor around, nothing happens. I have no problem using the mouse.

Has anyone encountered a similar behavior with a graphic tablet or does somebody know a solution for this?
I am not sure whether it’s an issue of the program or of the tablet.

You may have a look at two videos I made, one for the standard mouse usage, one for using the tablet:

Maybe you guys can give me an advise?!?
Best regards.

Hello Max.
How did your problem go about?
Still have them?

I’m bought a small tablet 4x3 from the other Chinese company XP-Pen which appears to be on par with the Huion and I’m waiting for the holidays to pass so I can get back home and test it.
If it works out great with PL I’ll get a larger one as well.

Will tell you how well it plays with PL!

I can confirm that both my two XP-Pen tablets Deco 02 and G430S is unable to use the hand tool.
The hand closes but you are unable to move the image.

I’ll see if I can dig up an old Wacom and test its behavior.

I have both a Wacom, and a Huion that I just purchased. I’m using On1 and Affinity Photo, and they work well with both. Then comes Dxo PL. When using the healing brush there is up to a 15 second latency.

Did anyone come up with a fix for this?

Is it when painting the first brush ?
Or do you open a job already done without tablet to refine healing ?

In second case you should try without tablet too to see if there is some difference.
Photolab is known to become sluggish when lot of work is done on the same image with healing and clone brushes tool.

Quickly tried this in PL7.7.1_228 Windows on a Wacom Intuos Pro M
(well, with just a few corrections only), but so far no delay.

Yes, when editing a new image. I have plenty of CPU/RAM… my system isn’t straining.

I have no latency with the mouse, but I do with my Intuos and Huion tablets. I do not keep the tablets connected until I’m using them, so no conflicts there.

I use the same devices with Affinity Photo or On1 with no latency issues. I just don’t see anything different except for PL.