Problem with graphic tablet

Dear all,

I have bought a cheap graphic tablet (Huion H950P) which works just fine with DxO Photo Lab (iMac). I can use the menus, set different values and drag the sliders easily.

However, strange enough, I cannot drag the image around with the hand tool when the picture size is set to 100% or so. The hand icon “closes” upon pressing the pen on the tablet surface, but when I then start to move the cursor around, nothing happens. I have no problem using the mouse.

Has anyone encountered a similar behavior with a graphic tablet or does somebody know a solution for this?
I am not sure whether it’s an issue of the program or of the tablet.

You may have a look at two videos I made, one for the standard mouse usage, one for using the tablet:

Maybe you guys can give me an advise?!?
Best regards.

Hello Max.
How did your problem go about?
Still have them?

I’m bought a small tablet 4x3 from the other Chinese company XP-Pen which appears to be on par with the Huion and I’m waiting for the holidays to pass so I can get back home and test it.
If it works out great with PL I’ll get a larger one as well.

Will tell you how well it plays with PL!

I can confirm that both my two XP-Pen tablets Deco 02 and G430S is unable to use the hand tool.
The hand closes but you are unable to move the image.

I’ll see if I can dig up an old Wacom and test its behavior.