Problem with Goto PhotoLibrary/Customize shortcut on non-US keyboard


as PL doesn’t support shortcuts customization nor setting shortcuts by Apple “services”, there is a problem with shortcuts based on numbers. Many languages have accent characters by default on the first row of keys (Czech, German, French, …). On US keyboard there are numbers 1-9, but for typical language with accent characters you need to hold down a shift key to type number.

I’ve got problem specifically with shortcuts Opt+Cmd+1/2 - where it is necessary to additionally hold down Shift key. Therefore these shortcuts are Opt+Cmd+Shift+1/2 and in comparison with Lightroom where you simply hit only G or L, it’s too much complicated.

Jiri K.

Hi Jiri - - Try using Ctrl+Tab to switch between PhotoLibrary & Customise … It’s an undocumented key-combo that works with the Win version of PL - tho, I’m not sure if it works with the Mac version (?)

Regards, John M

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Hi John,

it works even on Mac! Thanks.

Regards, Jiri K.

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