Problem with exporting files intel arc 770

Hi guys!
I have problem with DxO PL 6 (newest) with my card intel arc a770.
I know that people wrote that intel’s card are problematic but I haven’t any problems with that graphic card till now.
I used this DxO with my old AMD RX580. Everything works ok, even the Deep PRIME XD.
On intel arc 770 in the Preference menu i can’t check OpenCL option. The check box is grey.
When I export some RAW files with Deep PRIME enabled, it took comparable period of time like on my old AMD RX580, in task menu I see that graphic card is used but… exported jpg files are black.
Like -

Are you on the most recent set of Arc video drivers?

Yes, the 4311 BETA drivers. The same problem was on previous BETA drivers, and previous previous …

Same issue here, latest PL6 and ARC A750 with latest driver.

DeepPRIME works fine but DeepPRIMEXD doesn’t and the output is essentially as what is shown in the op.

Same here with PL6 and ARC750.
Still working with Intel and same problem using the Beta driver
No response from DXO on their trouble ticket.

Hello guys,

working with beta drivers and have some problems, for me seems not to be a task for DXO.
Do you still have problems with the last stable production release drivers?

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Update from Intel today on my open ticket:
After researching this problem, we would like to inform you that we have been able to replicate the issue internally. Our driver debug team has been notified and is currently investigating the matter. We appreciate your efforts in reporting this to us and apologize for any inconvenience caused. We cannot provide an exact timeframe for a resolution, but please be assured that we are working on resolving this issue.

Intel ARC A770 “which is the card I own” now works with DXOPhotolab6 with the most recent Intel drivers released on 07/24/23. The only problem is that when choosing Deep Prime XD the image comes out black, no data, same when in DXO when viewing the image in the preview window on the right side, all you see is a black box, when choosing any of the other three noise reduction options the image shows up in the image preview window, and the export comes out just fine. So the bug was almost fixed , but is still there when you choose Deep Prime XD. I have an ongoing open ticket with DXO regarding this issue. Let’s see how long this will take to get resolved.

You can find my posts in the Intel support forum regarding DXO and Intel ARC GPU’s. My handle is cybertec69 in that forum.

I also have a ticket open and they have acknowledged and reproduced the issue but as for fixing the problem I have no idea and although Intel have acknowledged the issue it is not listed in the recent beta driver release as a known issue!

Initially none of the DXO denoise options worked with the Intel ARC GPU’s, if you look at my posts, they go back almost a month. The most recent “not beta” Intel driver “Installed using the Intel utility, which you can pin to your task bar” looks to have fixed 75 percent of the issue, from the four DXO denoise options, only the most recent one released with DXOPotolab6 which is Deep Prime XD is the one that is still corrupt. I don’t know if this is now an Intel issue or a DXO issue. I notified both parties about this. Hope there is a fix soon. Did you check out my posts in the Intel forum, link provided in my last post.

Intel ARC Control Panel

I posted this message below in both the Intel support forum and in my DXO open ticket support inquiry.

Update on my previous posts, this issue with DXO Prime XD “the other three DXO Prime noise reduction settings from high quality, prime and deep prime work just fine with the ARC A770 GPU” issue seems to be only happening with the Intel ARC A770 16 GB GPU when choosing DXO Deep Prime XD, when choosing Intel UHD 700, which is integrated into the CPU all four DXO Prime noise choices work just fine, including DXO Prime XD, but when processing a file in DXO with DXO Prime XD using the UHD 700 GPU the process is painfully slow, it takes between 2 and 3 minutes, most of the time closer to 3 minutes to export a file. Is it possible to give me an estimate in when this issue will be fixed. Thank you.

did you ask Intel when they finally produce reliable drivers for their dGPUs ?

All graphics card companies have driver issues. Maybe you weren’t around when Nvidia was a joke before they bought out 3DFX “who was the king of discreet GPU’s”, same as AMD graphics division “which did not exist” until they bought out the Canadian ATI. As I said in my post, the integrated Intel UHD GPU works fine with DXO and Deep Prime XD, it’s just that it is a bit slow, not that I was expecting miracles from an integrated GPU, but for an integrated GPU it does just fine. In regards to the discreet Intel ARC A770 and the rest of the variants in that lineup, they have come a long way in regards to drivers since these cards where introduced. The only issue I have with the ARC A770 is with DXO Deep Prime XD denoise, otherwise it works “it’s super fast” just fine with the software, much better than one month ago when none of the DXO denoise options worked.
For a card that I paid $310 for it does everything I need it to do. If you can guide me to a GPU today in that price point with 16 GB of DDR6 ram and a 256 bit bus, not the gimped out Nvidia offerings that they have been selling for an arm and a leg “twice the price of the ARC A770”, then I am all ears.

By the way, did you bother reading my entire post that I furnished to Intel and DXO.

“Is it possible to give me an estimate in when this issue will be fixed. Thank you.”

yes, I graduated from college a year and half before 3dfx was founded - that gives Intel another 20+ years before they reach the nVidia’s level of drivers as of today :slight_smile: … but be patient

unless I am mistaken it actually does not “everything” - unless you do not need it to work with DxO really :grinning:

Intel is way ahead of Nvidia when it comes to drivers in the same time frame from their “Nvidia’s” first release of USABLE GPU’s.
Considering this is Intel’s first go with discreet GPU’s, they have done a pretty good job.

which is a pile of junk w/o working drivers - so you are better served by less RAM and narrower bus from nVidia like RTX 4060 @ ~$300 or RTX 3060 Ti @ ~$340 as quick price check shows

I works with DXO just fine, only issue is with DXO Prime Denoise XD, which I am sure will be fixed soon, ALL the other three denoise options work just fine, and a 45-55MB Nikon Z9 NEF file exported in TIFF mode to Affinity photo using DXO Deep Prime denoise takes less than ten seconds.
By the way, why are you so angry.

that means it does not do “everything” - a bit pregnant = PREGNANT

As I said. Why are you so angry.