Problem with export Nik collection 5 Tif


I try to export 5 files at a time to create an HDR for my client. I recently updated my mac to ventura OS, and from now photolab seem to have many bugs. I reinstalled it properly (actually made a clean reinstall of my laptop), and still have some bugs. In that situation, PL doesn’t export the RAW files in Tiff to work on them in HDR efex pro 2 in the nik collection… quite a big problem for me now…

I have that message, but not in all my exports and not on all the photos. It seem to be quite unpredictable. I hope I can have some help here :sweat_smile:

And of course I didn’t deleted the image. I really don’t know why that message appear

I think you should submit a troubleshooting request through

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Nice, thanks for the tip =)