Problem with Desktop settings

Hello, When I open up Nik software on my laptop the right hand adjustment panel is very small and narrow in relation to the overall desktop. Can anyone advise how to make adjustments to the panel to make it wider or more bold!

Hello Mickrawcliffe

It is on Windows or on MacOS ?

Hi, It’s on Windows 10

Hello @mickrawcliffe,

What is the resolution of your display? and one more, could you, please, attach the screenshot here to see the problem?

Thank you
Svetlana G.


Thanks for your interest. My resolution is 3200 x 1800.

Screenshot attached.

Looks like the panels have an absolute width without an adaptive layout behind, if you cannot resize them. If this is true, you normally cannot do anything, except increasing the DPI scaling in windows like described here:

This often causes other drawbacks like blury icons, if the application is not prepared for it.

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Thanks for your help. I have tried the first option for DPI scaling. Whilst it made a difference for a number of things, and created lots of warnings about clipping, etc, it made no difference to the Silver Efex layout. After this first try was unsuccessful , I have not tried other options. The continued warnings about clipping will drive me round the bend.
What I am confused about is why the width of the Adjustment panel in proportion to the width of the complete layout is different on my laptop (ie narrower) to my desktop. And it does not appear to be related to DPI scaling.

Hello @mickrawcliffe,

Thank you for the quick reply. This is what I have expected - you have an HDPI screen. Unfortunately, Nik collection didn’t have and does not have the proper support on such monitors. And as this was only the rebranded version so no new functionality is included. But the support of HDPI is in plans.

Svetlana G.

Which resolution do you have on your desktop and how big is the desktop screen compared to the laptop screen in inches?

Desktop is 1920x1200 and the size is:-1:Desktop 24 inch, laptop 14inch.
however the size is irrelevant to proportion - isnt it.

I wanted to do some math, so here it is:


Width: ~20.35 inches => 1920 / 20.35 = ~94 DPI


Width: ~12.21 inches => 3200 / 12.21 = ~262 DPI

Lets assume the NIK developer has defined a constant width of 400 dots for the right panel.


400 dots / 94 DPI = 4.26 inches => 4.26 inches / 20.35 inches desktop width = ~20% of the screen width


400 dots / 262 DPI = 1.53 inches => 1.53 inches / 12.21 laptop screen width = ~12.5% of the screen width

=> 20 / 12.5 = 1.6 => The relative size around 60% bigger on the desktop