Problem with ARW from Sony A7IV

I’m trying to use PureRAW trial to process some ARW photos taken with my from Sony A7IV but the software says “These images could not be imported. These images are either not supported or have already been processed in DxO PureRAW, or the files may be corrupted”.
I saw that the camera is supported by the software… so, where’s the problem? I tried to convert files to DNG but nothing different happens.

One of my ARW is downloadable from here

Thanks a lot for help.

Hi and welcome to the user forum.

While I do not use PR, I checked your file with PL7 Elite and got this message
Screen Shot 06-09-24 at 09.33 PM

Obviously, that small format is not supported.

Sony user here. The medium and small compressed raw files manipulate the raw data to reduce the files size (pixel dimensions). These type files are not compatible with DxO or Adobe’s denoise algorithms. And presumably other “RAW-based” denoise alogrithms.

(Sony - What's your understanding of the Medium and Small Lossless Compressed RAW in some Sony cameras? | Cameraderie Photography Forum)

reduced size compressed raw files are not compatible denoise- Adobe forum

Yea, I learned that the hard way also!