Problem saving Nik HDR file for later editing.

I start by exporting 3 exposure bracketed photos to Nik HDR. They get turned into TIF files. Nik HDR then merges into a single HDR TIF file. Yes, I have checked “save and edit later”.

Let’s say I’m limited on time. I do 1/2 of my alterations to the HDR photo. I want to save, and return later to finish the edit. However when I reopen the file in NIK HDR it looks nothing like it did before saving. It will look flat, underexposed, histogram shifted left.

I have tried saving a HDR file, and reopen it 5 seconds later, and it looks nothing like the editing I just finished. This means I have to finish an entire edit 100%, otherwise there is no reason to even begin.

Final note, if I view the saved HDR in photolab, it does display correctly.

Interesting. A year or two ago, I reported a similar problem via tech support - but in that case, the TIFF file was showing up too dark and flat in PhotoLab and third-party viewers, not in HDR Efex Pro. I think this was before the save/edit later feature was introduced.

No responses either :confused: And it took over a week for this question to even be posted. I’m rather frustrated.

I’m not sure why it took over a week to be posted. It should have been immediate. However keep in mind that while DxO staff participates significantly in this forum and often is able to resolve issues here, you should consider opening a support request at

At the bottom of the page use the Submit a Request form, select an option and enter all the information they require.