Problem opening PhotoLab 3.2.0 build 4344

Lately I have been having problems opening PL in Win 10 Pro Ver 1903 Build 18362.720. The program starts open and then I get this popup warning regarding a Dll

When I close the warning box PL will go ahead and open this problem started probably about a week ago and persisted through a repair of the last PL version and into the current version. Has anyone experienced this problem?

Hello @larrymc,

Could you, please, uninstall the application and then install the new build once again?

Svetlana G.

Will do. Thanks Svetlana, I hope that works.

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Hi Svetlana,

The uninstall and reinstall did not work. PL Opens the first time after the reinstall with no problems but when closed and reopened I still get the error message. I’ve checked the Dll Location and it is where its supposed to be. Could this be a windows 10 problem because it only started happening about the time of the latest Win 10 update?

After closing the warning boxes (2) which are the same PL seems to open normally.

Ok I found the solution to my problem, good Ol Microsoft and the latest Windows 10 Pro update totally screwed up my graphics driver for my Nvidia Quadro K2100M card. it took a bit of detective work but I am up and running again.


Have a nice day!

Svetlana G.