Problem loading DCP profiles in PL 6

I’m new here,first post. I have been a DxO PhotoLab user for a long time.

Today i wanted to try to use a DCP camera profile that I created using the ColorChecker Passport. I should be able to load it in the Color Palette under “Color renderings”. But when I click on the drop-down menu I am not shown an option for choosing a DCP profile. Only Generic Renderings or Color Positive Film is available.

How do I get an option for DCP profiles?

This is on a Mac with the latest OS and the latest version of DxO PL6

Hi Jim – and welcome here to the userforum,

shown in the Windows version


I think this needs the Elite edition.

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Definitely: Advanced image processing – PhotoLab Guidelines

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I figured it out. I was trying to do it on a tiff file rather than raw.

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