Problem: DXO Photolab 4.3.2 vs Apple Wide Color Exchange Profile

I am using PL 4.3.2 on a Mac (OS 10.14.6).
Sometimes, I export a series of pictures I took with my iPhone 11pro to jpeg and work on them in PL4.
Normally, this works fine, but in the last series, some of the exported pictures could be opened in PL4, but when opening them there briefly blinks an error message “Loading error - createOutputImage failed”.
When trying to export those pictures, the error message says “Processing Error in Block ICC@… .Allocate”
In the Mac Console Log files, there are a few messages, but the main thing seems to be “OverrideOutputInfo:: output profile invalid.”
I had a look at the profiles in the problematic pictures and it seems to be that all of them use “Apple Wide Color Exchange Profile”.

Why is this profile problematic? and how can I integrate it into Photolab so that it is found when needed?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry, the exact name of the profile is: “Apple Wide Color Sharing Profile”.
Doesn’t anybody know how to deal with it in DXO PL4?

Ok, I think I got it now:

  • “Apple Wide Color Sharing Profile” seems to be an ‘output-only’ profile and cannot be used when editing by DXO PL4. (Still, some other programs have no problem with it).
  • When exporting the pictures from Photos, do this by the menu not by drag and drop. DO NOT select “Most Compatible” profile, but “Original Profile” which leaves it in “Display P3” Profile which is no problem for PL4 and other programs.
  • Probably it would be nice if PL4 could read/write HEIC pictures (and avoid the whole exporting problems and losses). But that’s another discussion…