Printing to Epson ET 2820

Been playing with the print module in PL7 and am rather pleased with the results. The printer is far from being the best but they are nevertheless nice enough prints. One issue however - when printing to a 6 x 4 paper (borderless print) the image actually leaves a half inch or so white band down the left hand side. It is the same In Lightroom so obviously not a PL issue, but has anybody else seen this sort of behaviour and found a way around it?

Thanks and all the best for 2024.

I also have an Epson EcoTank printer (ET-3750). I agree that it’s not the best photo printer (I got for mostly for large volumes of standard page printing), but I haven’t had any issues w/ 4x6 prints. I suspect something’s not quite right with your printer/computer printing setup (or possible paper alignment). Best wishes.

If I print a 10 x 8 it’s fine and if I print a 6 x 4 on larger paper it is also fine.

Hi Colin,
i had a glance at your printer’s documentation and manual … and read about borderless printing up to 10x15 cm / 4x6 inch (suppose on precut papers ??).
Aside from the usual Epson printer driver stuff check the notice on pages 268 / 269 about some restrictions when printing borderless.

To countercheck PL i quickly set up my trusty all-purpose office printer to simulate borderless printing on photo paper (i never use it for that) – and the preview in PL’s printing modul changed to zero borders. So that shouldn’t cause a problem.

As @jch2103 proposed, check with you settings.

Hi Wolfgang, today I printed a “with border print” and the same applies, the right hand border is about half inch wide. I am sure my settings are ok but an awful lot of the functionality that’s accessible via windows is hard to find under Mac OS. I’ll go through it all again and see if I have missed anything. Thanks for that link.

I always had edge problems with Windows PL. The print modual is old and was going to be updated years ago but never was
The only way I overcame it was seing odd margins but gave up and used printing from Affinity.

… just an idea. Does your image have the same aspect ratio as your paper?

Otherwise select …
or resize your image first. :man_shrugging:

I resized the image when exporting to tiff - long side 6 inches and crop to fill is on. No change to output

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@John7 It is not PL, the same happens in LrC.

Have tried cropping to the correct ratio but no change. What is strange is that the print preview in PL looks just fine.

Hi Colin,
i remember to have customized documents so that they could be printed on pre-made label stickers, with the printout having to be properly centered … long long ago.

Here is a file in 4x6 (10,16 x 15,24 cm) with 10x15 cm grid inside. If possible, set your machine to 360ppi. When properly working, the printout should be well centered. (734,5 KB)

Your printer may not be feeding the paper correctly. So please check the alignment with the file above (you might need to turn it by 90°). – My old office printer centers vertically quite reliably, but horizontally it is a bit loose, which doesn’t matter for normal paperwork.

(sorry, it got late last night)

Thanks Wolfgang, still no change portrait or landscape. Sill prints the image in full but off centre as before.