Printing from PL

Trying to print from within PL and getting an issue with 5 thin black lines appearing accross photo when printed, evenly spaced down page. Using Epson XP760 photo printer and good quality photo paper. Tried on a few images always the same result.

If I print same image from outside PL using default Windows 10 print command photo prints fine so something in PL seems to be causing issue.

Any thoughts welcomed. Lines do not show at preview only after printout. Have aligned and cleaned print heads.

Here’s a photo of image part printed with lines highlighted


You should have a look there :

Hope this helps.


@Pat91 Thanks very much for the link. My printer settings were hidden several layers deep but sorted the problem of black lines.

Interestingly, found Epson Photo Print Software installed on computer, gave it a try with Color Fix selected and printed fine, no black lines.

Again, thanks for speedy response.

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