Printing from DXO

New to DXO 6 and not done any prints of my images for around 5 years, forgotten everything.

I have a calibrated (with i1 Gretag Macbeth) Benq monitor.

Used to have a cannon printer and the correct icc profiles for my Ilford smooth pearl paper, paper still in stock and loved at the time.

Now have an Epsom ET-2711 tank printer, the only problem is I do not have a matching icc profile for the paper and Ilford do not provide for the Epson. I have tried printing a calibration sheet, but the colours are dull compared to my monitor.

Any ideas as to how I can manually adjust the images in DXO for printing, if not, how do I get an icc profile made without buying expensive kit?

Many thanks.

  1. you can rent a spectrophotometer

  2. you can buy 2nd hand

  3. you can ask around - may be somebody have profiles for your ink/paper combo ( granted not yours and may of be poor quality ) for free or buy from a reputable source

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Checked out for 2nd hand spectrophotometer, only one at a reasonable price, I think is still too expensive for 2005 device.

Hopefully someone may have the profile for Ilford smooth pearl paper and the ET 2711, but in the meantime I will have a look at paper providers that may be able to supply profiles as well.


what is wrong w/ UK ( or rather how you search ) ? there are a lot of variations of i1Pro devices some rebranded

X RITE i1 pro eye one pro - REV D 4217.79 - No Case - Spectrophotometer - GOOD
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I found at least 7 spectrophotometers listed on the first page

PS: make sure it has a white ceramic calibration tile matching the device - contact seller to verify before buying

PS2: and before you engage in print profiling make sure to read about it ( at least to refresh your memory - specifically about what software you are going to use with spectrophotometer )

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I blame everything on my age including searching eBay, these days :pensive: Thanks for the link I’ll check it out.

again - do research before buying anything … specifically process, software ( you might end up using Argyll - so check vs the specific model / revision of what you are buying , specifically if rebranded like ES-1000, ES-2000, etc ) and make sure used device comes with a calibration tile matching it (serial number-wise)

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Ilford don’t do that because the Epson ET-2177 printer is not considered to be a ‘photo quality’ printer. Yes, it will print photos but it only has four inks whereas ‘photo quality’ printers have a minimum of six inks.

Also, many users on this forum are of the opinion that PL’s print feature is rather poor and consequently print using other applications.