Printing contact sheet - how to set number of copies? PL 3.3.0 Build 4391

I want to print a contact sheet from one picture, the same picture serveral times e.g. in 3 rows and 4 columns.
Where can I set the number of copies of that picture? I only see one picture, don´t matter if I change rows and columns.



This is a very special case …
It is very rare that we make a contact sheet of only one image. Even more general-purpose software like ACDSee doesn’t seem to know how to do it!
The only solution I see is to make 11 virtual copies to have 12 = 3 x 4 images.

OK, thought that it is not so special.

That function would be perfekt for directly printing pictures for applications or passports.

But…thanks anyway.


That’s a clever solution !! … and very quick/easy to do.

John M

A common enough requirement I think and I’ve seen other (photo) software do it, though I cannot remember which. Often referred to as a “picture package” which is likely a reference to the passport photos @oberpfaelzer1977 mentioned.

I have a similar need but in my case the printed images have already been through PL and onto Affinity Photo for background replacement and so then I use Affinity Publisher (previously Apple Pages) to simply “multi-up” the final image for printing.

Picasa a has a “make copy” function. Select file - make a copy. (2 copies) Select both files - make a copy. (4 copies) Select 4 files - make a copy (8 copies). Each copy name will be renamed with -1, -2, etc. appended.
Not very simple and it produces only jpegs, but it works.

Thanks guys.
Iam pretty sure I can do that with XNView, too.
In PL3 it just looked like that I have overseen the slider to set the number of copies. But now I know that there is none and this function is not available.