"Print Efex"

I had an idea. I want to suggest a new function in the DxO world. I don’t know if it’s a group of settings in in Analog Efex, perhaps a new Nik plug-in, or even something that lands in DxO FilmPack. But it’s something I’d like to see, and I believe it’s “on brand” for DxO.

I want a way to emulate a print in digital form. Not a way of previewing an actual real-world print but a way of emulating something that would look like an analogue print on-screen.

The took would emulate the printing surface (e.g. different paper types, metals, glass, acrylic, etc). The lighting direction would be selectable. Additionally, you can set the angle at which light strikes the surface. This would affect how visible any surface textures would be.

Notably, the edge of the print surface would be created in high resolution. So, for example, it could create a deckled edge paper emulation that matches the file’s resolution. Or perhaps a hint of the metal sheet on which the print is applied. This might require some application of AI or fractals to achieve the necessary detail and randomness.

Then you could choose a passe-partout with selectable materials and bevel.

It should also support “floating frames”, where the print floats above a background board, through the advanced use of drop-shadowing.

Finally, you can add some kind of frame if you want. This could range from basic museum black to more complex wooden frames or even boxes.

I would pay for this, but I’ve never seen it elsewhere! :innocent:

you know that even grain in DxO is emulated without any slightest attempt at randomness by simply repeated the same pieces of once scanned film in a regular order ? so before attempting at something else it is better to fix the basics

I want to think that both solutions are possible. One could easily be part of the solution to the other.