Prime slower to export than deep prime

I rented a Canon r5 a while ago, and I am just getting around to converting the files. If I use Prime on the photos and export them it takes over 1 minute to export the image to JPG. If I use DeepPrime, the conversion takes 10 seconds. How come there is such a discrepancy? One would think that DeepPrime would take longer to work, but it takes a fraction of the time.

Any ideas?

Cpu vs gpu. What is your equipment ?

Indeed, what @Man says. Prime is always processed by CPU where DeepPrime and DeepPrime XD can be processed by GPU too.

If you have a dedicated GPU, it can really accelerate DeepPrime (XD)

Specs of my machine:

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i9-10900 CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2808 Mhz, 10 Core(s), 20 Logical Processor(s)
System Memory: 32gb
Graphics card: nVidia GForcce RTX 3070
App version: v5.4 build 4765

DeepPrime Acceleration: Auto Selection

My normal camera is a 5d MKIV. That only takes about 20ish seconds to convert a single file using Prime, so the dramatic jump in time is a little perplexing. I guess the extra 15mega pixels of the R5 makes a difference, but over 40 second difference?

For now I set DxO to use DeepPrime as I have something like 15k files to go through and I don’t want to have it working for 10+ days on conversion. I tested and I cannot really see a difference between Prime and DeepPrime. For these files, it is not a big deal if there is a loss in quality, but I cannot tell

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DxO has set up a page about when to use which denoising. It sheds some light on why one method is slower than the other.

I am surprised you can’t see a difference between PRIME and DeepPRIME. The difference is significant on every image I have ever tested with both.


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