PRIME noise reduction with all sliders set to zero: strange results

I noticed behaviour that I don’t understand. While comparing the different noise reduction effects (HQ, Prime and DeepPrime) with a 1600ISO RAW file, I found to my surprise that the result for HQ and Prime/DeepPrime is different, even when all sliders (luminance noise, chrominance noise etc.) are set to zero.
It appears, that in Prime/DeepPrime mode there is noise reduction, even when the parameter sliders are set to 0. Is this correct?
Next thing I noticed, is that if I switch off noise reduction completely, even then there is a difference in the exported TIFF, dependent on the choice in NR. So: NR selection is HQ or Prime, next NR is switched off but the selection buttons are left at HQ or Prime, the resulting exported TIFF’s are different! There is definitely some NR when Prime has been selected, even when the “DxO Denoising Technologies” button is switched off.
Is this intentionally, or a bug?

Hmm, might be an other consequence of something addressed here:

You are right, might be related.
I’ll wait for a response from one of the developers.