Prime noise reduction - auto mode (PL2)

Hi folks.
I’ve been playing with high ISO images and I’m trying to get the best out of them.
So, I set my D3S to ISO 800. When I select auto for the sliders, the values selected are 40, 100, 100, 24, 30.

If I do another test shot on the D3s at ISO 102400, I select auto for the prime sliders I again get 40, 100, 100, 24, 30. Ie they’re exactly the same over a wide range of ISOs (naturally with differing amounts of noise.)

Anyone else notice this.

Also, I’m a little concerned that two of the slider go straight to 100 - suggesting that maybe something is maxing out even on a relatively low noise image…

Seasons greetings


I understand your concern/confusion. The settings are not dynamic. Auto is just a starting point and tends to be too aggressive in my opinion. Adjust the sliders to see what works best for your images. I’ve found general Prime settings that work best for me and saved them into my startup preset.


Thanks - you’re right - I was assuming they were dynamic, choosing best values for the image chosen.

Back to the experimentation… :grinning:

I thought the same when I started using PRIME in Photolab 1 two years ago. There may be circumstances when the auto PRIME settings are dynamic, but I don’t recall having ever seen examples of it.


Maybe this can help you.

along that thread some of the things are explained in useing auto. but most seems to be under the plastic cover of the enginebay, so looking under the hood isn’t easy. :wink: