Prime & DeepPrime for astrophotography

I am doing astrophotography with dedicated camera (cooled CMOS camera). This means that the actual camera I am using for astrophotography, as well as raw images its produced, aren’t recognised by PL4. This isn’t really an issue as I am doing my basic Astrophotography processing (image stacking, image calibration, … ) in dedicated software which produces, in the end, a TIFF files that is recognise by PL4.

Unfortunately, resulting image is still noisy, especially I the dark region of the sky. I would like to take advantages of PL4 Prime and DeepPrime denoising algorithm as it clearly outperform the software I am using to process astro-images. Unfortunately, PRIME and DeepPRIME are both unavailable for such images. I do not know if it is due to the fact that images are in TIIF format or because DxO do not know my astrophotography camera.

But, I do not really understand why PL4 wouldn’t be able to correct noise (PRIME and DeepPRIME) from TIFF or unknown camera. Is their specific reason for not being able to use PRIME or DeepPRIME ?

The main reason, as far as I understand it, is that DeepPRIME noise reduction happens at a deep level whilst the RAW images are being demosaïced - thus it needs to know the camera. It is not an “ordinary” noise reduction.

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You are correct on both counts. It needs to recognize the camera AND it is available only for RAW images, not for TIFFs or JPEGs.

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So, then I will have to plead my case in order DxO include support for Astrophotography raw image format and some of CCD/CMOS camera used in astrophotography :wink:

Topaz DeNoise works on already demosaiced TIFF files.

I agree DeepPRIME outperforms topaz DeNoise in every case where DeepPRIME can be used. But for cases where DeepPRIME isn’t useable (like new cameras not yet supported or your astrophotography case) you may want to try topaz.