PRIME and Deep Prime in real time (optional)

Not sure if anyone has asked for this before, but it would be really useful to have the option to make Prime and DeepPrime a real time event, I. E. Have the main display show the results.

Yes I know these noise reduction technologies are processor intensive, but my computer is fast enough for it to be not too intrusive and there are other denoising technologies that are processor intensive, topaz for example, and I don’t complain too much while topaz is doing its job. Certainly for me it would be worth waiting some seconds to see the results in the main viewer rather than at export only.

The main viewer option could also include a ‘render’ button, so the noise reduction settings can be manipulated using the tiny preview area before final rendering to the main viewer area. The downfall with topaz is that each time the settings are manipulated the app goes into a cycle or rendering (unless preview is deselected).

Now I did mention the word ‘optional’ and this is a key word. Making the output viewable in the main viewer or as current at export means that people can use the functionality as present, not interrupting their workflow OR have the option to wait a bit to see the results in the main viewer. For people with slower computers or are unwilling to wait then no harm is done as they can turn off this ability maybe in preferences or just don’t hit the suggested render button.

My ideal workflow would be to get the denoising to where I like it in the preview window and then render it to the main display so that I get a more accurate representation of what I will be exporting while I am working, rather than having to wait for export before I see the results.

Have you seen this -

Partial solution to work with DeepPRIME in PhotoLab's main viewer

Thanks Joanna, yes I did see it and while it is useful to know that this can be done and I understand that DNG is better than Tiff, the net effect of this method is more files on my hard drive, more storage requirement and another step that I have to remember to do, ie pre-processing of images. I will give it a try of course but I would still advocate that having the ability to render NR to to the main viewer without exporting has its merits.

I suppose I could do a better job of ranking an culling and then process fewer files to DNG, but it sort of takes the fun out of arriving at the computer picking a picture and getting creative.

If I could pick one change like this, it would be to have a larger loupe to see the results of noise reduction in realtime. There’s already a votable feature request for it here: PL4: DeepPrime PreviewSize

I like the idea of adding an option to do a full-viewer render like Topaz does, but am concerned that wouldn’t be as valuable or efficient (or as easy to implement) as a bigger loupe.

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That’s an idea Greg, I will go and vote for a bigger loupe also. It needs something as I do find it quite difficult to manipulate with such a small loupe, not that DeepPrime needs a lot of manipulation to do a good job.

I think it would still be good to see the finished image before export, but a bigger loupe would also be helpful.


This topic has been discussed often over the last few years and a variety of alternative ways of viewing PRIME and DeepPRIME have been suggested.


@WitheringtonM Hi Mark,
We have users like you which are asking to have exactly what you are describing: a “toggle/option” to see a full DP preview directly in PL, without the need of exporting an image first. This could be a useful addition to users with powerful PCs. This is something that could be added to PL down the line.
I’m just curious: what are the specs of your PC?


That long that i just export a jpg when i really need to see. Set in the suffix the Strenght
Or make VC’s in increasing order of sharpening / denoising export with suffix info jpegs and watch them in faststone to decide which i keep.
Then delete all i don’t keep.


Yes, the specification of my PC is shown below:


Just for information I ran a little test and with a 36mp picture with DeepPrime applied and it took approximately 12 seconds to export the file from start to finish. This is better than Topaz Denoise performance, the same picture took approximately 25 seconds to denoise the same image.

Thanks for all the info! :+1: