Presets using DCP need recreating for PL 6

With PL6 if you use preset for settings for a camera or lenses, I have DCP profiles for cameras, you will have to recreate them as they will default PL6 to Classic not Wide Gamut. Found out the hard way and recreating all my ones now, wonder what other little surprises lay in store!P need recreating with PL 6

Yes, this is mentioned in the PL6 release notes - bullet item #1 under Known Limitations.

Thanks it appears to be you need to return to swatting up on the manuals (though I see they are not really updated yet from the things I looked at) and update notes with a microscope.

Had a look this is ICC renderings I am dealing with using presets with in my case ase using DCP. DCP work OK its the existing preset that gets clasic rather than Wid Gamit used. You just have to recreat the preset using Wide Gamit.

Please note that the “Neutral family” renderings, ICC renderings, and some Toning (Landscape/Portrait) are
not part of the new DxO Wide Gamut Color Space. They will only be available in the Classic (Legacy) color