Presets IPTC while waiting for better

While waiting for DxO to give us the possibility of having presets, I found a way to fill in the IPTC fields automatically with presets.
I use Macro Deck for my keyboard shortcuts and I configured a key for a preset with the following sequence:

  • Text ‘Creator’
  • TAB key
  • Text ‘Creator function’
  • TAB key

And I can create as much as I want.

I have a few images in a folder where I have stored the IPTC data I want to copy and I copy and paste from the appropriate reference image.

It works but it shouldn’t have to be this way.

Yes of course there is also this means which I hope is temporary.
I chose another way since I have a navigation between the folders/images which is very slow so go get an image copy the IPTCs then come back to my image, it will be binding.

@Franky & @MikeR or use XnViewMP, complete with templates but without variables (e.g. filename etc.) as in Photo Mechanic, but much cheaper! I agree with your concerns but …

and the result in PL6.1.0

and the “template” I used

2022-12-10 - Shoreham Beach - Edit Xmp (981 Bytes)

Yes I also tried this solution but it goes through another software

The lack of IPTC productivity tools in Photolab to maintain metadata with and the absent support for migration to and from other IPTC-software are the main indicators that Photolab in itself still is a hobby user tool when it comes to metadata support.

There is quite a lot to like about Photolab PictureLibrary already but it´s essential that DXO listens and adds these tools ASAP.

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I do that as well, and you’re right, given that these values can held in industry standard XML files, it shouldn’t have to be this way.