Presets: Getting back to the same position in the preview

I like presets. The ones that come with the software, those created by some photographers/photo designers and those created by Mark Silvers for example for all the film emulations. They give me a quick idea of what an image might look like.
Sometimes I click on a thumbnail to see the result in the big window. Then I would like to go back to the same position to continue there and look at the next presets. That’s not possible. PhotoLab always starts at the top with the first presets in the presets window. Perhaps it is possible to change this behavior.

Why not create temporary virtual copies for each one you want to try and then you can compare them in the main window?

Joanna, too much work and in the actual version PhotoLab too often crashes when I delete one or more images.

Would you recommend that it be possible to detach the preview browser so that it can be used continuously alongside the main PhotoLab workspace, either as a separate window pane (on the same monitor or a different monitor) or docked to the main workspace? I think that would be very useful. It would definitely encourage me to make more use of presets than I do now.

Ok, that would be another possibility. Perhaps both options would be feasible.