Presets for Landscape

My presets for Landscape (D850 in neutral profil) :
(Kasperky IS + HP Sure Sense verified)

You can find Graduated filter to correct 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4 of the photographs for skies and snow. Corrections for BLUE skies and GREEN. A BLUR Vignetage pack and a Vignetage Pack are also included.

TOP & BOTTOM : I’m working on it but PhotoLab 4 is missing a usefull function : in preset edition mode, when you make changes on local controls, PhotoLab don’t save de modifications. It need to spend a lot of time to create this because each preset must be edited from zero (can’t copy a preset, modify local controls and save it).

Have fun !

Just tested it on my Mac and found a different situation: I can save a preset that contains a LA, then open the image again, change the LA settings and save that as a new preset. I now have two presets with different setting. Note that I closed LA before saving the preset(s).

The thing to do is the following

  • Apply the preset that serves as source for the modification
  • Change the settings as needed
  • Save as new preset.

As @ACPhoto notes correctly, it does not work when you first duplicate a preset, then change the LA settings and try to save the new (copied) preset.

Thanks for trying ! :smile:
Save as new preset is remembering all adjustements. I would like LA only.

All my presets use one or two adjustement(s) only. That’s why I want to work on an existing preset. It’s very long to unmark all others adjustements I don’t need in my preset.

Ah, in that case, you’ll have to go the long way to create a new partial preset…or create a feature request, vote for it and see if it takes off.

Thinking of it again, I suppose that it’s based on the fact that only DPL Elite can create partial presets, which means that the preset editor needs some additional logic to distinguish the editions and add the new feature to enable the creation of partial presets based on modified partial presets…

I usually start with an empty preset and then enable the settings that I want to save into my partial preset.


Empty preset would be the fastest way. :+1: