Presets & Default settings per Tool

I am coming from Capture One because of the outstanding lens correction, and overall conversion quality of my Canon RAW files that I prefer. Unfortunately, there are some big slowdowns that make working in PL difficult in terms of efficiency.

In Capture One, tools have preset libraries built-in via a little dropdown. You can save any preset for the tool to be the default setting for the tool.
For example, I would like to be able to set the default to “Auto” in the crop tool instead of having to select it every single time I use the geometric tools. Yes, I am aware that I can do this with a global preset but this is not ideal.

The biggest time vacuum is with Local Adjustments. I have just started with the program this week but I already find it very tedious having to dial in the same settings over and over again for simple tasks like adding excitement to eyes, increasing vibrancy/micro-contrast/lift highlights. But then having to do that on 20 photos with a brush or Control Point? That is brutal and that is just one local adjustment. where there May 4 or 5 of local adjustments per image. A simple preset dropdown cuts heavier edits by perhaps 70% time-wise.

Suggested workflow

  1. select preset in tool
  2. select brush/Line tool, gradient tool, control point
  3. Apply tool
  4. Next correction

I think many of the tools are very unique and powerful. PL has the power I just can’t get to it fast enough the way it is.

Am I missing something that is right in front of my face?

You can copy settings and paste selected settings to other photos. This should help you for similar photos. In other words, correct a single photo then copy selected settings from this photo to other similar photos.

Unfortunately, I think what Mike wants is to only copy the equaliser settings, not the masks, which will be what he would get if he copy/pasted.

Sorry, missed the relevant bit about local adjustments :crazy_face:

This is a helpful suggestion KeithRJ thank you.
I am aware of it and it does save a lot of time. Usually, pictures are in a set if you will. Five or so shots were taken in one location with the same light and so on. So once I have the first image done copying the presets and applying them to the other images is a MUCH better place to start from. It is just the first image set up with the same settings that I use constantly before moving forward.

You are absolutely correct Joanna. My PL lingo is not quite there yet. I would like to have presets for the “equalizer”. Thank you for observing this and being so on top of this. It’s great to be seen :slight_smile: