Preset leftovers (partial presets?)

When we select a FP preset without doing a reset (in PL5 with FP6 as plugin) there can be leftovers from the preceding preset.

For instance:

  • 1: import an image
  • 2: apply “1980 JMB”
  • 3: next, apply Kodak Portra 160NC and observe this doesn’t look like Portra
  • 4: apply Kodak TriX 400 and observe a greenish tint
  • 5: click ''reset"
  • 6: apply Kodak TriX 400 again: now B&W is correct
  • 7: apply Portra again: now Portra is correct

(I pick the presets from the preset editor list: section 8-DXO Time Machine (locked presets)

This was because “1980 JMB” uses both HSL and Tone Curve adjustments, but Portra and TriX don’t and these settings are not reset.

That is very annoying, I always found that some presets looked weird, but in fact this is because we need to reset at least the Tone Curve and the HSL before applying a new one. And we can have multiple combinations of “leftovers” so everything is pretty unpredictable.

Thanks for your attention.

Follow-up: it’s not a bug, really, but a conceptual mishap.

The above can be avoided by making a copy of each and every preset, and edit them so that HSL, ToneCurve, Channel mixer, creative filters etc which are the tools often used to tweak the “look”, are saved in a dectivated state when not in actual use by the preset.

Now even if one of the tools has been used in a preceding preset (like when you are browsing presets to find which one suits best), there will be no “leftover” that interferes with the intended rendering.

The actual state of things is that many, not all, presets are partial (tools that are not used are not included in the preset, so they keep the values of whatever was there already), and that is obviously not OK.

It’s very disturbing really, it took me months to figure out why the same preset had different looks on the same image in the same session (and often not flattering at all…)

Now that I know this, I finally start to appreciate the filmpack… but this definitely should be adressed.