Preset how to install in dxo 4

I want to install new preset in dxo 4,
a tuto say : Choose Image -> Import Preset… or click the ‘Import’ button in the PRESET EDITOR panel (WIN10)
impossible to found import preset…
how i need to do?
i used windows 8.1 dxo elite latest version
thanks for helping me

Good morning @FOXTROTT53,

On Windows presets can be imported in the Preset editor like this:


And then you can apply it with Image-> “Apply a preset” .

There is no option Import Preset in Image menu on Windows.

Svetlana G.

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Thank you very much for your quick answer
its ok now

hi, im sorry to boring you with my questions
with oyur animation i have found the button import
so i have on my desktop a file with 9 presets
I try to import the present so… import button, open the file found 9 preset
when i click on one preset… no action nothing arrived, and in my preset editor …nothing.
my dxo is open with a raw
thank you

Hello @FOXTROTT53,

Could you, please, provide me with one of the presets you try to import and if the preset is compatible I will show you the procedure.

P.S. You can attach it to this post directly.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Bright City Soft Blur.preset (4,7 Ko)

my statut in forum had change so i can send you the file preset
thanks for your help

I try to send you one preset, but as new user i can t
do you have another way i can send it to you?

Good morning,

Thank you I’ve got your preset and now I know what the problem is. This preset is created for Filmpack standalone and it’s not compatible for PhotoLab.

Svetlana G.

thank you for you help and your answer…
for now i dont use filmpack, maybe later …

Just to clarify for you, Ludo: Since you (appear to) own licenses for both PhotoLab and FilmPack, you will find that all FilmPack features have been fully integrated into PhotoLab - - So, you can create presets specific to FilmPack from within PhotoLab … You will not need to use them separately; in fact, you need never use FilmPack directly at all. (It’s provided as a stand-alone tool just for those who don’t own PL).

Regards, John M

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If you don’t have FilmPack, you can’t use Julia Anna Gospodarou’s presets in PhotoLab since they were designed for FilmPack and include adjustments only found there.

Out of interest, I managed to create a version of the preset you submitted that works in PhotoLab with FilmPack installed.

For those who have FilmPack and want to use presets built for the standalone version in PhotoLab, here is what you need to do…

  1. Open an image in the standalone version and apply the preset of your choice.

  2. Open the same image in PhotoLab

  3. Create a new empty preset in PhotoLab

  4. Edit the new preset by going through the settings in the standalone and add them to the relevant settings in the preset editor in PhotoLab.

  5. Save the preset in PhotoLab.

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Hi Svetlana,
I have a very simple question.
Can I access FILM PACK 5 directly from PHOTOLAB 4 like the Nik Collection for example
( both at full level registration )

If yes how ?

If not what should the work flow be ?

Good morning @constie and welcome to the forum,

Well, you can have it directly in PhotoLab like this (if you do not have the license yet):

If you have FP5 already installed as standalone on your PC you will have this filmpack palette in PhotoLab. But if you want to send images to Filmpack standalone as for example you do for NIK, you can do it via ‘Export to application’:
by selecting FilmPack for the application.

Svetlana G.

I believe most of us rarely or never use the standalone version of FilmPack and prefer to use the FP features unlocked within Photolab as part of our raw workflow. In fact many of us, myself included, no longer have the standalone version of film pack installed.


You can, as Svetlana described, but you will probably prefer using the FilmPack palette within Photolab.


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