Preserve color details

Altough the slider “Preserve color details” is now displayed in the advanced settings of the soft proofing palette it does not appear to be able to be selected. This behaviour is similar to the “Simulate Paper & Ink” settings in the previous version of PL. I’m pleased to see that the latter is now available. When will the colour detail slider be available?

It’s available now and works for me. There is no “Coming soon” label as there was with Simulate Paper & Ink.

If you press the ? button next to Soft Proofing, you’ll see a description of the Preserve color details adjustment. Note this: “This functionality only applies to compatible ICC profiles (matrix-based).” Are you soft-proofing for a display profile or for a printer profile?

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Thanks for the info Greg. I am running Windows 10 & the soft-proofing is for a Canon IP8750 printer using a profile generated by an X-Rite Studio 1 profiler.

That explains it, then. It isn’t the right kind of color space transformation for the function preserving color detail to be used.

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I’ve just raised a Request/Suggestion to make this clearer in the UI … See here (and vote, if you agree).

John M

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