Premium LUTs intended usage

Let ‘Premium’ LUTs be “explained” in more detail (introduced in PL6.7).
See Get 15 fine art LUTs free when you buy DxO PhotoLab 7.6 for the current state.
Maybe some 2-4 examples per LUT for the intended usage could be enough.

Currently we can’t see the originals to perceive LUTs action and the examples rarely match the LUT intent. Originals are in PL Help but one has to know that. It’s good to have some description in words but samples should complement them. Graphic designers can probably “read” the LUTs from the examples, but average users can have problems with that. Even more applies to PL ‘Standard’ LUTs.

Personally, I’m not a fan of someone’s else LUTs, but experimenting wouldn’t hurt.

Hi Wlodek,
there is description of intended use of the LUT on the website you linked. On the right side from the pictures there is always sentence how the LUT can be used

I have already saved those descriptions. What I meant is this:

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