Preferred Profile when Exporting to Lightroom

I have noticed that when a file is exported to Lightroom from PhotoLab 6, the Profile defaults to ‘Adobe Color’. When editing in Lightroom I normally use Camera Neutral or Camera Portrait. Is there a DXO recommendation or is it merely a matter of personal preference?

You cannot change the parameter you get when your files return from DxO to Lightroom, but it’s only a parameter.

But you can choose another profile as you want, if you compare a RAW file and a DNG file with the same color profile (let’s say Camera Neutral), you will have the same color rendering.

Im not sure I am understanding you. Are you saying if I change the profile to camera neutral (from the default of Adobe color) after the export back to Lightroom, I will maintain the same color rendering applied in PP6 (before the export)?

I’m saying that you can change the color profile back to what you want, on the DNG, after getting the image back in Lightroom.
That’s the beauty of DNG export from DxO.
(you have to choose DNG (denoising & optical corrections) output in Photolab, the all corrections applied export can alter color rendering)

The color profile you choose on the original RAW in Lightroom before exporting has 0 impact on DxO output.

Thank you. I think we are getting closer to the answer to my question. I want the export to Lightroom to match the color rendering that was applied by PL6. Shouldn’t I choose ‘all’ to insure that the exported dng matches the edits in PL? Which leads me back to my original question. To accomplish this match, should the Lightroom profile not be changed but be left at the default setting of ‘Adobe color’?

To accomplish this, you need to export in TIFF.

You’re not going to get the colors you see in Photolab when you export in DNG.
That’s not what the DNG output is made for.

DNG output is when you want to use DxO as a preprocessor, and do all the edits afterwards in another software like Ligthroom.
So the aim when you output a DNG is to get Lightroom colors, not DxO colors.
You can even choose your settings in DxO without looking at the preview.

I understand and thank you so much for your patience. So, then, what is the difference between exporting with the ‘all’ feature as opposed to the optical and noise reduction only? What features are included in the dng file with ‘all’ that aren’t included with optical only?

The “denoising & optical corrections only” option is the secured one.
It can’t produce color shifts from the original raw, so you can process it in Lightroom almost exactly as you would for a RAW (except for noise & optical corrections, obvioulsy)

This is what I choose 95% of the time, cause I get DeepPrime noise reduction + DxO optical corrections (including perspective) and I’m still able to do exactly what I want in Ligthroom.

The “all corrections applied” is more tricky.
It may depend on which software you are using, so my comments only applies to a use with Lightroom.
Any white balance or color correction would imply a shift in the resulting color in Lightroom.

Let’s take a totally fictive example.
Your color in Lightroom is Orange.
When you open it in DxO, you see it as Yellow.
You wanted Orange, so you make a color correction to change it back to Orange.

This won’t set the color to Orange, this will induce a shift in the color data, so when you get the DNG back in Ligthroom, it will be seen Red.

I don’t know if this is clear or if it’s just a stupid example :slight_smile:

Now, why is this export mode existing?
First, because at the beginning it was the only one, the “denoising & optical corrections” was added quite recently.
Then, if you know what you are doing, this can be useful.
Sometimes I’m applying a little bit of Lighting when I have some very dark shadows in my file.
If so, I need use the all corrections applied export method to get the benefit of it.

Gotcha! Thank you so much your detailed explanation. As you can probably tell, I am fairly new to PL. I now have a better understanding and can make much more accurate adjustments.