Precise control point position on the Loupe

Silver Efex 2 and earlier use to show on the Loupe the precise control point position while I was positioning it or moving. The Loupe use to zoom and show details to position a control point while it was moving. Now not only does not show also to make easier ( :grin:) the screen became blur as I move a control point.

It can be done now zooming the image and then locate the control point on the zoomed image and position it. But it’s a lot of clicks just to do the same thing. Sometimes there is quite a few control points to position.

And, as I remember, the Loupe was always fixed on the bottom right, always there, with option to minimize. Now is on the top (it’s ok) but disappear as I scroll down trough the settings. May be there is no need to be fixed once there is no more setting close to the control points and no position on the Loupe.

YES, a loupe that crippled is total nonsense!

  • I’m not looking at this loupe window only to see (part of) the pic at 100% (much easier with 1:1)

  • and didn’t realize, that one can’t adjust the control points with the loupe anymore

  • as I was so much concerned about the zone system (slipping out of sight).
    Nik 4 - Silver Efex - Improve Zone System

@StevenL, please take note !

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