PR4 and Capture One - How to keep Color Tags and Star Ratings

I just can’t seem to figure out how to keep color tags when I send raw files from Capture One to Pure Raw 4 and bring them back to Cap One. They are Sony .arw files, unedited, brought into PR4 using the “Open With” option…but they come back stripped of star and color ratings. I am on a Mac…any ideas? It must be something very simple I am missing…

The question is - did you instruct Capture One to write the metadata so that it is in the XMP files?

@RobiWann Thanks so much for the reply. How do I instruct CO to write the metadata into the XMP? I did not see an option when I created the “Open with” option for Pure Raw 4. Is it a preference in CO? Apologies for these basic questions….

correct. You have to set it in the preferences - not recommended option. Or better way select photo(s) you will to send to PureRAW, than with right mouse click “metadata synchronization”. After this it should work. “Should” because I’m not PureRAW user, I’m using PhotoLab, so I known PhotoLab can read and honor Metadata from XMP files.
Are both programs English?

You are welcome

Yes, both programs are in English. I will give this a try and report back. Thank you again!

@RobiWann Confirming that your suggestion to right click and “Synchronize Metadata” prior to sending to Pure Raw 4 DOES in fact add color and star ratings to the PR4 output file. Problem solved. Thank you for your help!

May I ask why you’re still using CaptureOne in this process? It’s not to deny any of those apps being worth to keep it. I’m just curious what PR4 can do and C1 (version?) can’t do. And since the back and forth step “Open with” doesn’t show your PR4 edit results in C1 I simply ask if you still do edits in C1 and the “Open with” step is just for certain files being treated better in PR4 or if C1 is kind of a DAM part? I’m not familiar with what PR4 does do better.

PR4 is “only” denoising and C1 is a RAW editor which unfortunately does not yet have very good denoising options

Okay, that was my guess, I just didn’t want to assume. C1 also doesn’t have a very good DAM part, but it’s still much better than DxO’s attempt. Thank you for your reply.

As far as DAM functionality is concerned, I’m with you. But what exactly are you missing with the DAM part in C1?

The only reason I manage my images in Photo Supreme is that C1 writes the hierarchical keywords badly/incorrectly.

  • A full text search to find albums/smart albums/projects and groups.
  • A possibility to move more than one item at a time into another group/project.
  • A possibility to create a new album with selected images within a project. Currently this selection collected in a new album is place at the end of all “user collections”.
  • A possibility to identify in which of these elements a given image is sorted in.
  • A possibility to create smart albums with DAM elements, like "rating equal or better ★★★ AND album name contains “test shot” OR “experiment”.
  • A possibility to find images within a certain GPS range.
  • A full text search within my keyword hierarchies, like typing joju and finding JoJu as well – not even the simplest Google search needs proper use of capitals.

Problem is, suggesting things like that in C1’s “improve C1” section of their forums is like throwing cherry blossom leaves at a rhinoceros.

Unfortunately, that is true. I have made some suggestions myself in the area of keywords and metadata. First of all, everything so that the software finally becomes faster, but the C1 programmers are not able to do that.

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I used to don’t know if they are incapable or their management is aiming to targets in higher demand, but meanwhile I agree fullheartedly. A dev team missing improvements in the DAM part since more than a decade has to be called incapable. No matter if they lack, intelligence skill or directive. They’re just a lost bet.