PR2 and Fujifilm film simulations

I’m currently trialling PR2 with LR CC. My camera is a Fujifilm XT4. After processing images with PR2, the Fujifilm film simulations disappear when opened in LR, replaced by default Adobe colour profile. So I had to re-enter Fujifilm film simulation values manually. This is extremely frustrating and time consuming. Can this situation be corrected? Otherwise v impressed with PR2.

Welcome to the forum, @kpoole

Are you working with Lightroom Classic (Icon: LrC) or Lightroom (Icon: Lr)? Version?

Hi, thank you for the welcome. I’m working with Lightroom Classic v 11.3.1 (April 2022).

Depending on how you set LrC, you’ll see the file’s built-in preview, which might e.g. be B&W.
If LrC shows this badge (see screenshot), the image you see ist the built-in preview.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-22 um 13.13.39

Press “J” for different views in Library mode and Command-J to modify these views.

DPR will work with original sensor data, which comes, as always with RAW, without film emulation…