Possible workaround for DxO PhotoLab unsupported equipment

EXIF modification

contains a suggestion to get around the lack of support for specific body, teleconverter, lens configurations that appears in PL.



You were surely disappointed when reading this error message when opening a photo in Photolab.
The message states that it is the camera rather than the photo that is not supported . We will see how to make Photolab believe it was taken with a compatible device by disguising the photo.

End excerpt.

Has anyone tried the suggestions in the above URL tutorial? Can this be done in batch? – copy a set of images to a working set for the above modification, batch (all) change the relevant EXIF information to the “disguised” values, and then process the working set in PL (say, PL5E). Note that if this must be one image by image, the above may be feasible, but very time consuming.

I full understand that DxO will neither endorse nor support the above “disguise”, but this might be a work-around for now for the Z9, disguising it as a Z7, Z7II, or D850. (Probably Z7II).

I have tweaked Leica files to make them treatable in DPL. Search the forum for Leica M8 or hex editor for details.

It was a proof of concept rather than something I’d do on a regular basis, specially not with files from a new camera that will probably be supported in an upcoming update.

Replacing something that is not supported by something that doesn’t fit through falsifying metadata sort of denies one of the key goals of PhotoLab: Correct rendering.

For batch processing of EXIF data, check out ExifTool.

That is a command line application that I’ve used a number of times over the years. There is a GUI version but I’ve never tried it.

By changing the name in the EXIF data from M8 to M9, my LEICA M9 images are now easy to edit in PhotoLab. But this whole concept is silly - it’s not like with the new Nikon Z9, that we’re waiting for DxO to provide the appropriate software, and probably ditto for the Leica M11, but the M8? This is an old camera from years ago. How does anyone benefit from PhotoLab refusing to open those old images?

PL5 works adequate with my M8 images, so why not provide a button that says “open anyway” right after the message saying the M8 is not supported?

To me, being able to edit the images, even without all the full settings, is better than not being able to open them at all.

I wish I had known about, or thought of, the workaround years earlier.

Maybe I’ve now got my M10 and my Nikon cameras, but I’m sure I will still be using my M8 in the future.