Possible bug? Crop with "Original" doesn't quite cover the entire photo

Hi All,

Sometimes when I select the crop tool, and I have “original” selected, the aspect ratio that I can expand the selector to is not quite large enough to cover my entire photo. It goes nearly out to the edges, but its maybe 10 pixels short. Nothing I do can get it to cover the entire photo. It doesn’t always happen, just occasionally. I can’t seem to fix it when it happens (changing to a different aspect ratio, then back to original doesn’t help.)

Anyone see this? Will a screen shot help? Dunno if it matters, but my images are always 7360x4912.

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  • Jon

Hi Jon,

I’ve just looked for this and found it with images from a Nikon D300, D800e, and D850.

Odd though in my quick look it seemed different between Portrait and Landscape orientation.

Also sometimes this issue didn’t show at all and on D850 orientation larger.

Interested in what DXO has to say.


Cool that you replicated it. Yeah, I’m using D800’s also.

  • Jon

When DPL corrects distortions, the resulting image will usually have different proportions. When you set crop to „unconstrained“, youll‘ get all the pixels within a rectangle. Without distortion corrections, thing should fit unless there‘s a bug…

Ah ok. That makes sense. I suppose it’s NOT a bug then…

  • Jon

The D800 “official” resolution is 7360 x 4912 and DxO crop function proposes it.
But the sensor coverage area is greater and DxO, unlike others software, knows how to use maximal coverage.


Pascal, I don’t understand what you mean by that. Maximal is greater than 7360x4912?

  • Jon

The “real” resolution, Of course yes.
But all pixels are not operable. Especially on the edges.



I don’t understand what you are saying. Can you please explain this like I’m 5 years old? :slight_smile:

The resolution of my D800’s is 7360x4912. What do you mean by “real resolution”?

I understand that PhotoLab is adjusting for distortion so the photo is slightly smaller after it does that work…

  • Jon

This is a recurring topic on the forums.
We say a “horse chestnut” in the French press :wink:

This is the most recent topic I know.
It does not mention DxO but you can compare Lr and DPL, especially using ViewPoint.



Related to this, it would be nice to be able to set 'unconstrained" as the default option; having to change it for each photo in a string of similar compositions is a pain.

Very easy :wink:
For a non-constrained frame

  • Pull one of the corners of the dotted frame by holding down the CONTROL key or
  • Pull a handle of the edges to limit the direction.


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You can also define your default preset with the “Unconstraint” option in Crop palette.

Then all your images will be cropped with this mode.

I use this approach to get unconstrained crop ratios throughout and I find that some of the tools (not presets) reset the ratio to ‘original’ nevertheless…