Possibility to search for Camera body and Lens model


Having the possibility to search photo based on Camera Body or Lens model would be great. Telephoto lens may have similar ‘focal length’ as other telephoto or fixed lens. It then become difficult to identify photo taken with specific lens when looking for aperture or focal number.

Same for the camera body. Some are using different camera body for shooting. It would be good to have the possibility to search photo for specific camera body.

Finally, making a search on any EXIF, IPTC data (GPS, Flash fired, Exposure Bias, … ) data would be even better and would grant more flexibility in the search module.

This gets my vote. Please don’t forget to vote for it yourself!

I recognize some difficulty with this proposal: different products using different EXIF tags/data describing the lens, ambiguities among certain groups of lenses, and an unresolved problem in the Nik Collection which strips that information from exported images. But it seems to me that DxO has the data to make it work reasonably well.

I would like to see this because thus we could use profiles of old lenses, which will not be named in the exif files.