Pop up Local Adjustments box

Photo Lab 5
When I open Local Adjustments there is an annoying little box in the upper left corner telling me I have Local Adjustments open and what I can do with it. If I use a mask starting in that same corner, it covers the edit box. How do I get rid of that box permanently. I can’t find it. Thanks.


Might it be the “Show feature highlights” option ?

Set via the Help menu (in the Win version): image

Please add a screenshot so that we can see what exactly bothers you…and see what we can do about it. Include some context in the screenshot.

My guess is that it’s the box on the image:

You can simply hide it by typing “i” shortcut or in Display menu “Hide image information”, the last one on this copy:

In that case, @Cecile-C, could you raise the possibility of adding a small text to the panel, saying “press I to hide” (or similar)?

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