Pop-up "Export to disk - Options" position

The pop-up called “Export to disk - Options” (What do you want to do? Overwrite / Use unique names / Cancel), which appears when a filename already exists does not stay in a fixed position. Every next time it appears it is a bit further to the right, till it almost falls off the screen:
After that it returns to the original position, and then it start all over again. Annoying!

It would also be very convenient if there were an option to default to either Overwrite or Use unique names, so the pop-up doesn’t appear at all.

Still in PL4.1…
Any chance this will be fixed in future releases?

It seems to stay in a fixed position for me.


Good morning @Joli and welcome,

This is really strange as it should have the fixed position. Could you, please, provide the info about your display settings (scale, screen resolution etc)?

Svetlana G.


I’m using a Windows 10 PC with a 24" Eizo display @ 1920x1200 (native), scale 100.

Just to make sure, the first popup window which appears when exporting to disk:

doesn’t move, it’s always in the centre of the screen.

It’s only the smaller window which appears when the filename already exists that moves to the right until it’s almost invisible.

Also, this isn’t new to PL4, it was the same in PL3 (older versions I don’t remember).

Hope this helps.

Just to confirm that this is not a problem on Mac. The dialog seems to always appear in the same position

no problem on my machine / monitor (WIN 10 latest … // 2560x1440 / 125 %)
the first popup window (centered) disappears, when the second one with ‘Overwrite / Use unique names / Cancel’ (centered) appears

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I played with this for a while on a W10 machine, trying various combinations without any problems.

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The problem may well be related to (only) my PC, but then I’d still be interested in how to solve it…

The best solution would be a structural one, i.e. to add a setting to the general preferences which lets you choose the default action when the filename already exists ( Overwrite / Use unique names / Ask every time ). Since I’d choose Use unique names, the second popup wouldn’t appear at all !

Since so far this phenomenon seems to occur only on your particular setup rather than being a general problem I suspect DXO will not change anything unless there is some evidence that at least one or more other user reports the same issue.


Yes, I’m aware of that (as per my previous entry). However, even if the second popup kept its (centered, I suppose?) position, a general setting that lets you choose the default action would be very convenient as its saves you an extra click every time you export to disk. DxO PL wouldn’t be the first to include such a setting.
Should I start a new topic just for that?

Yes. That is a feature request.


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