Pop up a 'are you sure?' box when creating multiple virtual copies

I recently inadvertently created about a thousand virtual copies. Very much NOT what I wanted.
Is there a use case for creating multiple virtual copies? Please give some thought to how many virtual copies might be reasonably created at once, and verify with the user if they are creating more than that. My current thinking is that the use case is usually for a single virtual copy for experimentation, but if the designers think it’s larger than that, at least check with the user that it’s intentional.
FWIW, those thousand virtual copies were created while I was exporting quite a few previously exported photos. In the middle of the (very large) export job I highlighted the remaining photos (marked ‘waiting’) and made a tweak. I don’t know if creating virtual copies in this situation is ‘working as designed’, but please get user confirmation in this case as well.

I would think that making a virtual copy of all selected files isn’t that odd, given one might want to process images in color and monochrome, in sRGB and Adobe RGB, in more than one aspect ratio, etc. I would rather there be a setting one can toggle to verify batch operations with an “Are you sure?” type of dialog. My own preference is not to be bothered and to simply undo any mistakes in the usual way - Ctrl+Z. (Can you verify that the Undo operation works properly in your situation?)

I can verify that ctl-Z did not undo the creation of all those virtual copies (first thing I tried). Not sure how they got created, so no way to re-test.
I am requesting this as there is no obvious/easy way to undo.
It turns out that there’s a way to sort by virtual copy and once that’s done, select all the copy N in order to apply some operation.
BTW, if you want exports in different sizes and different color spaces, that is easily accomplished in the ‘export to file’ section (just tick multiple export options, create a new one if you want an option that’s not shown)

On the positive side, since no one else has mentioned this, perhaps it was an odd combination of key and mouse strokes that caused you to select all those images and then select create virtual copies. I know I’ve never experienced anything like that and I create virtual copies almost every day to experiment with the effects of different settings on the same image.



It’s possible. I don’t use 'em at all. Took me a bit to figure out what was going on when they all appeared.
Have you ever changed settings for photos in the queue but not yet actually exported?

Not sure exactly what you mean by that. Can you give me a detailed example? Without knowing what you did, step by step, it would be difficult to identify how this problem occurred.


Do you mean by this that you’re asking whether changes/corrections can be made to images that are currently in-the-queue for exporting - where the export process is not yet complete ?

  • If so then “yes” you can do that.

A “snap-shot” of the state of each image selected for export is taken at the time that the export is initiated … changes subsequently made are not included in the previously initiated (not yet completed) export process. They will be included in the next export process that you initiate.

Regards, John M