PLv7 Request/Suggestion: Provide a shortcut to show/hide the B&W Mask (similar to shortcut "M" to show/hide the color mask)

In the same way that we can use the short-cut “M” to show/hide the mask - a shortcut (say, “B”) to activate/deactivate the B&W mask would be an excellent enhancement of the UI/UX … this would especially facilitate evaluation of the state of the current mask.

For example;

  • A very nice feature of the combination of Color plus B&W masks applies with these settings; image - B&W Mask = ON, and Show Masks = OFF

  • Now, with the B&W Mask option = ON, but Show Masks = OFF, I can clearly see my image without the B&W mask being applied until I position my cursor over an LA’s U-Point (or its area-of-influence delimiters, or whatever, depending on the LA-type) … and then the B&W Mask kicks-in, until I move the cursor again.

  • This is very handy … and it demonstrates why a shortcut to toggle B&W Mask status (say, “B”) - similar to the “M” shortcut to toggle Show Masks status - would be an excellent productivity addition.

Hello John,

I see you are extensively testing and writing FR’s. Maybe I will benefit from it, if DXO ever fixes all the little bugs and inconveniences and I decide to buy version 7 after all. Doesn’t look like it at the moment, but never say never. :grinning:

The easiest way would be to finally implement this FR User assigned keyboard shortcuts - DxO PhotoLab / Feature requests - DxO Forums. At least for everything that can be switched on and off or toggled.

This would be a one-time effort that would last for the next versions and make everyone’s life easier in the near and distant future.

I wish you further happy testing and a nice time.

Best wishes from the other side of the globe



Thank you, Günter :slightly_smiling_face:

At this stage, I’m trying to keep things “simple and do-able” … on the basis that (hopefully) this will make it somewhat more likely that DxO will respond with appropriate updates.