PLv7.0.1 - - Export to Disk: File name conflict warning ?!?

Suddenly, I’m getting this warning message every time I attempt to Export To Disk;

  • Also note that it’s referring to “2 output images” - but, there’s only ONE image in the Image Browser

If I ignore it (Yes to continue), the export works OK - except that an error is recorded;

Just to be clear; there are no same-named file(s) in the destination folder.

Curious !

I wonder if the log file shows what’s going on. Are you using virtual copies or projects?

No, not using VCs or projects, Greg … In the example shown above, there’s only 1 test-image in the “current” folder … and nothing at all in the destination folder.

Log file reports the “SaveImageException” - but with no clue as to why.

The problem cannot be related to some DB corruption, 'cos I delete the DB on each PL start-up.

Relevant section of the Export dialogue looks like this: image

Thinking I may hafta un/re-install PL 7

Curiousier & curiousier !

I used a different Export dialogue - which exported to a specific/named folder - and then repeated the export with the same Export dialogue as shown just above … and now the warning has gone away !!!

You haven’t by any chance got two export options checked at the same time?

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@John-M Typically DxPL detects any such potential clashes with items on the disk when the export starts (as you well know). I have managed to get the export clash dialogue before and effectively the images on disk passed the check when the export started but for some reason a file clash was created and then detected when the export was attempting to store the second file.

That was a long time ago, I understood what had happened at the time but cannot now remember the exact reason but a file had been created that clashed with a file being created by the time of the creation of the second file!

However, there would only be one file on disk because the attempted creation of the second file was what caused the error message. DxPL prepares to resolve such file clashes if it detects a potential clash at the start but cannot handle the problem mid processing!

@Joanna good guess but each export is treated as a separate batch and I am not sure when the “Overwrite”/“Unique” test is done, i.e. at the start of the whole process or at the start of each batch!?

PS:- I detest the “Overwrite” etc. dialogue being asked every time DxPL detects a clash at the start of an export but I think it then prepares to “overwrite” or use"Unique" in advance of the export, i.e. for the specific images clashes it detects at the start, and does not handle any new clashes except by the exception dialogue you experienced!?

I now hate that dialogue even more!!

well – in case @John-M had two exports (same time + folder + format) … then getting the warning
and now changing the destination for one …

@John-M Quick test started the same export twice, the second before the first had even started, and got this early on in the actual export, note the bottom right icon means that DxPL knows that another export is still due for this image (good work DxPL)

but only this when the second export is encountered

No exception dialogue?

Second test to same directory but then responded to “Overwrite” when asked in both cases and that is what is did.

Repeated same test and responded “Unique” in both cases and no issues.

So I tried an intentional Duplicate output, i.e. two exports at the same time and got

before DxPL even started.

So the exact nature of your problem remains a mystery to me!!

The one time I got that warning it was for the reason @Joanna asks about:

If I remember correctly it was because I had inadvertently ticked a .dng output option as well as a .tif.

Probably not, as there you will have one with .tif and the other one with .dng which are the different.

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That’s a good suggestion … but, no - I don’t believe so.

Then again - - the problem did go away after I’d changed selection of my export options - so, you could be right (??)

EDIT: I’m gunna assume you’re “on the money” here, Joanna - - as I’ve not heard of this as an issue for anyone else … and it’s no longer an issue.

Just a guess. Is the right database used?


I don’t use the DB … It’s deleted as part of my start-up process.

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I understood. But PL points to a database in the preferences.


I checked, George … It’s pointing at my PL7 environment. :heavy_check_mark:

Than that isn’t the problem.


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Umm, yes, probably not. In which case I must have had two .dng options selected.

However, regardless of the fine details, I was getting the error message because of the export options I had selected. Once I fixed that, the error went away.

Hi John, I think it happened to me too – but then we get the warning … user error :slight_smile:


@John-M, @Wolfgang and others - does anyone bother to read my posts I stated

Which was correct except for the part

which was wrong because I had created the exact same problem except that I was exporting somewhat more images.

But my comment was ignored it seems!?

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Don’t worry, it’s just a warning about a user error that we all make from time to time.

By the way – I currently have 15 export options and the best for me:
If you don’t want to trigger parallel exports, click right on the text,

keeping away from the check box. :slight_smile:

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