PLv6 Bug: Shortcut to toggle Monitor gamut warning (Ctrl + Alt + M) not working

On PLv6 for Windows;

(Ctrl + Alt + M) is not working to toggle Monitor gamut warning.

All other shortcut-combos for Histogram warnings are fine - just this one not responding.

John M

Strange. It’s working for me. Windows 11 22H2 (just installed this morning). Clearly your M key is working, so I wonder what’s up.

Win 10 Pro - 21H1 … PLv6 Build 5382

Yes, 'tis curious - as I’m sure I’ve used this shortcut successfully before.
– and, Yes, I am in SP=ON mode.


no problem here – Win 10 Pro → 21H2, PL6 RC

[ at first I also thought it not working, but realised the screen was setup to AdobeRGB :slight_smile: ]

I’ve had PL closed for a while … have just restarted … same issue, no change.

I can tell it’s not working 'cos the icon (below the Histogram) does not become highlighted - as it does for [Ctrl + Alt + D]

John M

Strange, I also cannot reproduce that issue on my Windows 10 machine

That key combination doesn’t work on my Windows 10 machine either. It isn’t a big deal for me because I’ll probably never remember that keystroke combination unless I use it very often, but it should be fixed


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